There is a 2 foot wide by 15 foot tall banner hanging on each side of the wall.  This space is available for you to display your own banners. 
Climbing wall with 2 banners
Creating and displaying your own banners is a great way to acquire funding to pay for renting the wall.  Local businesses can often be persuaded to sponsor a portion of the wall by letting them know their name and logo will be prominently displayed on the banners during your festival. 
 Four or five businesses can be advertised on each banner.  Ten $150.00 sponsorships can add up quickly!

Banners are simple to make and can consist of any material that can withstand some wind.  The finished size of the banner should be two feet in width and fifteen feet and eight inches or less in height.  On both the top and bottom of the banner a loop or tube should be sewn so a one inch PVC pipe can be inserted.  See the picture below.  Design the loop with plenty of room to slip around the tube, as the mounting system will take up any slack.

banner on table To download a pattern and detailed sewing instructions click on the following link:
Sewing pattern and instructions  *.pdf format

Picture to the right is the pipe
pocket on both top and bottom of banner.